Pre-Flight Checklist

FAA Launches General Aviation Safety Program

March 28, 2011

FAA safety teams will visit close to 100 GA events beginning April 2, beginning with the annual Sun ‘n Fun gathering in Lakeland, FL., in an effort to engage pilots in safety and awareness programs and discussions with the goal of bringing fatal accident rates for general aviation down another 10 per cent in the […]

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Mentally Behind the Power Curve

January 27, 2011

“Bonanza 47S, following your turn to 270°, you will be cleared to descend to 4,500 feet and commence the back course ILS for landing runway 27L.  Call the outer marker inbound commencing.  Switch to tower frequency 237.50.  Traffic will be a Cessna crossing right to left, co-altitude.  Skies are partially obscured, 3/4 mile visibility with […]

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How Much Flight Time Is Enough?

December 6, 2010

I sold my trusty Bonanza.  Guess that’s it.  First, I couldn’t justify the expense.  But more importantly, I would get in the air and say, “Geez, I forgot to …. (fill in the blank).” Seems that I’m investigating an increasing number of aviation crashes where the pilot at the controls had minimum (a) experience, (b) […]

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