January 2011

Mentally Behind the Power Curve

January 27, 2011

“Bonanza 47S, following your turn to 270°, you will be cleared to descend to 4,500 feet and commence the back course ILS for landing runway 27L.  Call the outer marker inbound commencing.  Switch to tower frequency 237.50.  Traffic will be a Cessna crossing right to left, co-altitude.  Skies are partially obscured, 3/4 mile visibility with […]

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Addressing Criminal Prosecutions In Aviation Disasters

January 21, 2011

In reference to our blog regarding criminalization of aviation accidents, posted here on December 10, 2010, I wanted to post the following book review that I just did on Flying in the Face of Criminalization. The review will be published in The Times of London Higher Education Magazine within the next month or so. The […]

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Safety Features And Pilot Training Credited In Safe Landing Of Damaged Medical Helicopter

January 7, 2011

A helicopter instructor who witnessed the safe landing of a damaged medical helicopter cited the safety features on that aircraft and the pilot’s training for his “amazing job” of landing and bringing the aircraft and the three crew members down safely. The Eurocopter EC135 AirCare 5 medical transport helicopter’s landing followed a midair collision with […]

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Technology When is More Less? The Modern Cockpit

January 3, 2011

The aircraft cockpit has progressed from round-dial steam gauges that supplied basic information to iterative multi-color, multi-function displays capable of giving the aircrew more information than they can absorb.  What are the implications of this technology when considering causation factors? Round dials had two restrictions:  they could display only  limited information and, whether the information […]

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