Safety Features And Pilot Training Credited In Safe Landing Of Damaged Medical Helicopter

January 7, 2011

A helicopter instructor who witnessed the safe landing of a damaged medical helicopter cited the safety features on that aircraft and the pilot’s training for his “amazing job” of landing and bringing the aircraft and the three crew members down safely. The Eurocopter EC135 AirCare 5 medical transport helicopter’s landing followed a midair collision with […]

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Do It Right The First Time!

December 21, 2010

I have heard people in many aviation environments talk about “the mission.” Maybe it is my perspective from an oversea post where I am in harm’s way, but lately I have had the following thoughts which, I believe, can apply to any aviation endeavor or simply driving the family car—or taking other unnecessary risks. You […]

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Helicopter-EMS (HEMS) Safety Concerns

November 23, 2010

Medical helicopter crashes make headline news, receiving a lot of attention from the media and from viewers.  Perhaps because we can all feel the depth of the tragedy knowing this helicopter was on a mission of mercy to save lives – yet crew members and patients lose their lives. According to the NTSB, there were […]

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General Aviation Plane Crashes

November 1, 2010

According to researchers at Johns Hopkins University, general aviation flights account for most of the crashes, injuries, and deaths in U.S. aviation.  In fact, the risk is 82 times greater than for major airlines.  General aviation flights include small private planes and business jets including use for recreation, emergency medical services, fire-fighting, sight-seeing, traffic reporting […]

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