The Aviation Safety Blog was created to provide a single location for information on aviation safety.  After forty years in aviation – from the time I first touched aircraft controls, through my time as an Army aviator and test pilot and my time as an aviation lawyer investigating accidents – I have come to learn a great deal about aviation safety and hazards to safety.  Lessons have be learned, and many times, unfortunately, re-learned.

Through discussions with knowledgeable professional friends in the aviation industry who felt the same way, we decided it was time to create a blog which would address aviation safety issues through various aspects of aviation—Commercial Flight, General Aviation, Helicopter Operations, Weather, Design/Engineering, and Governmental Oversight.  We will address accidents, their causes, and what we think can and should be done to reduce causal factors and to enhance safety—for you, the public.

We hope you will find this site not only informative, but interesting and helpful. Please feel free to submit a comment or to contact us directly at (919) 861-0500.