FAA Launches General Aviation Safety Program

by James T. Crouse on March 28, 2011

in General Aviation

FAA safety teams will visit close to 100 GA events beginning April 2, beginning with the annual Sun ‘n Fun gathering in Lakeland, FL., in an effort to engage pilots in safety and awareness programs and discussions with the goal of bringing fatal accident rates for general aviation down another 10 per cent in the next five years.

The FAA will be working with industry organizations such as the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Experimental Aircraft Association and General Aviation Manufacturing Association with their “safety stand down” effort which will focus on professionalism, preflight checks, maintaining situational awareness during cruise and attention to airspeed and aircraft control, reports Aviation Week

Randy Babbitt, FAA Administrator, stated general aviation rate is done in recent years but so is GA flying due to the recession.  Babbitt wants to continue to push the accident rate down because he expects the GA traffic to increase in the future.

Amateur built aircraft is of particular concern because although these planes account for only 5% of the GA fleet hours, they are involved in 22% of U.S. fatal GA accidents.  The FAA is working on Advisory Circular guidance containing training experience recommendations for owners, pilots and flight instructors.

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Jim Yankaskas June 11, 2012 at 1:10 pm

Can you provide any details about the 6/11/2012 safety program at 1800 at the RDU General Aviation terminal?


James T. Crouse June 11, 2012 at 2:57 pm

Sorry. Don’t have any details.

Please post whatever you find out.



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