Severe Turbulence Terrorizes Passengers

by James T. Crouse on May 6, 2016

in Aviation Safety

Editor’s Note: I can tell you that this is no small trauma.  As a passenger aboard a Chautauqua Airlines Saab 340 years ago, the crew decided to fly us through 45 minutes of severe turbulence.  Horrible wingovers, descents, ascents—we were like a cork on a violent ocean.  I really thought for those 45 minutes I wasn’t going to make it home.  To this day, turbulence bothers me as it never did before. 

From Tampa Bay 10

Three passengers and two flight attendants have been taken to the hospital with head injuries after an Allegiant Airlines flight en route to Pittsburgh experienced severe turbulence.

According to the FAA, Allegiant 7001, an Airbus A319 aircraft, diverted to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida after several injuries were reported on board due to the severe turbulence.

The flight originated in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and was headed to Pittsburgh International Airport.

“We were experiencing normal turbulence and suddenly the plane just did a nosedive,” said passenger Malachi Witt to CBS Miami. “It felt like I was on a roller coaster just going straight down.”

According to Allegiant, there were 137 passengers and six crew members on board the flight.

“I felt like I was gonna die,” said passenger Scott Gustafson to CBS Miami. “It was really scary.”

The five people taken to the hospital sustained head injuries. It is not immediately clear their condition.

“The airline is currently working to accommodate all passengers and develop a plan for getting all passengers safely to their destination. Passengers are currently being cleared through customs,” Allegiant Air said in a statement.


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