Concern Grows About Commercial Airline Travel Safety As My Travel Nears

by Frieda Flyer on November 15, 2010

in Commercial Air Travel

In the aftermath of the commercial airline incidents in the last few weeks, my concern grows about these “mishaps”/ “incidents”/ “accidents” happening in commercial airline travel when lives are at stake.  

Qantas Airline grounded all six of its A380 after an engine exploded shortly after takeoff from Singapore on its way to Sidney.  The chief executive for Qantas states the engine failure was very significant and they are taking it very seriously.  If Qantas was taking it so seriously, why didn’t the powers that be heed the August warning by the European Aviation Safety Agency about the “wear, beyond Engine Manual limits” on the Rolls-Royce that disintegrated in midair? 

As it turns out, it seems to me that’s exactly what happened to this airplane! 

The BBC reports Singapore Airlines, Air France-KLM, Luftansa and Emirates have no plans to ground their A380.  Emirates states its engines are made by a different supplier and Singapore Airlines is delaying its flights pending technical checks. 

Well, what if the problem is not that solely of the engine?  Even if it is found to be an engine flaw with this Rolls-Royce engine, why wasn’t the warning of the EASA several months ago heeded?

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