Commercial Air Travel

AirportCommercial aviation in the United States and internationally is one of the most diverse and dynamic industries ever, having a widespread economic impact not only on tourism, but also on industries such as petroleum, manufacturing, shipping, food service, and millions of jobs in countless businesses, all of which have become dependent on commercial aviation.

This industry is also the one of the most scrutinized, investigated and monitored industries on earth. Government representatives, regulators, news reporters, disgruntled travelers, and even lawyers—all watch the airlines continuously. However, the combined efforts of industry and government have made commercial aviation the safest form of travel in the world.

Here I Go Again – Me And My Butterflies

October 29, 2010

Next month I will be joining my family for Thanksgiving.  This is my favorite holiday and being with those I love is so exciting and very important to me… so, why am I beginning to feel the familiar butterflies forming in my stomach?  Why am I focusing more on the journey than the happy times […]

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